3rd XI

Meet The Players

Jonathan Southgate

Goat, El Pebbell, Breadsticks

Jonathan is a technical top order batsman and occasional off spin bowler. He is also a handy fielder although for a number of back-to-back seasons he seemed to constantly have his fingers strapped together, nursing some kind of injury (hence the nickname Breadsticks… for fingers).

Goat is another one who enjoys golf, but often his score can resemble more of a cricket score. Ironically ‘Breadsticks’ possesses an amazing finger dance move.

Mark Litson

Litto, The Metronome, Chef

Mark is another Australian playing for Downend. He is an economical bowler and can literally put the ball on a ‘sixpence’ five times in an over. With the bat in hand he is very competitive and can be handy to come in at the tail end of an innings to get us over the line.

A lover of both rugby and cricket (we won’t talk about football), when it comes to international events he’s never shy of showing his true identity… typical Ozzy!

Richard Pandya

Mendez, Prince, Rico, Monty Burns

Rich is a classy, left handed, top order batsman and occasional slow bowler. He’s not the type of batsman to bludgeon it to all parts with a career total of three sixes. He has two favourite scoring areas – through gully and through second gully.

Dezzy is a man of many stories, (Sheddon Hill, dead sea cucumber, the Futon mattress… the list goes on) some of which are too embarrassing to include. He is also a former Argentinian Polo player, or so he’s told many girls on nights out.

Joe Dryell

Dry Wall, JD

Joe is a promising young cricketer who currently plays representative cricket for Gloucestershire County Cricket Club. He is a right handed top order batsman who is technically beyond his age. He’s not a big hitter of the cricket ball but instead likes to caress the ball to accumulate runs.

Joe is another player with a very relaxed approach. Sometimes he seems uninterested in batting and fielding but thats probably as he does it every day.

Chris Binnie

Mole, Norton, The Keen Photographer

Chris is a very experienced opening batsman who has scored runs in every format since joining Downend. He’s also donned the wicket keeping gloves when required, often showing the agility of a cat. He has one particular shot that almost defies logic, but is very effective. It is simply ‘The Binnie shot’.

Binnie is another player looking forward to his retirement and can be found perfecting his game on a golf course. Oh, and he doesn’t even like photography!

Jay Notton

Dave, Off, Goat the second

Jay was once a promising bowler who could bat a bit. He has since forgotten how to bowl and is now a bullying middle order batsman. He likes to hit the ball hard and when he gets his eye in can score very quickly. He’s also a very athletic fielder.

Jay’s dreams are haunted by Ben Gannon (a former Gloucestershire fast bowler who he once faced). Other possible dreams of his are of truly awful boy bands, with Westlife being his absolute favourite. Possible first dance choice for you, Jay?

Olly Ralph

Ralphy, Piggot, Coach

Olly is a technical, ‘old fashioned’ style of batsman and an occasional leg spin bowler. Unlike the rest of Downend’s senior batsmen, Olly has a style far more catered for test matches.

Olly is definitely a cricket man and has dedicated much of his time to coaching the youth teams at Downend. The kids seem to be really comfortable around him, which is probably due to the fact that they are all bigger than he is.

Steve Griffiths

Taff, Stevo

Steve is a very handy seam bowler. He is what you could describe as a ‘wobbler’. He has the ability to run up and put the ball in the same spot almost every ball. Steve can hold a bat, but that is about as far as his batting prowess goes.

Steve is a very proud Welshman who doesn’t ever shy away from making this known to everyone. He has the knack of turning up to training and doing nothing. He may occasionally bowl the odd ball but we’re sure that’s just to avoid a fine.