2nd XI

Meet The Players

Craig Miles

Milo, Crouchy, Lurch

Craig is one of Gloucestershire’s brightest young prospects and a regular in their 1st team. Milo is a fast bowler, with pace, who will cause trouble for any opponent. At 6 feet 4 inches he stands tall at the crease and hits the deck hard. He’s also a talent with the bat, slotting into in a strong middle order.

Milo has the ability to bowl very fast, but sometimes forgets to pack this ability in his kit bag when turning out for Downend, often resembling an off spinner.

Ben Pearce

Pearcey, Sheeran, Weasley

Ben is a very classy looking batsman. When in form he looks like he would fit in at the highest standard of cricket. Unlike others Downend players, Pearcey doesn’t rely on hitting sixes but instead trusts his technique. He’s also kept wicket for us.

Ben has been known for the odd tantrum behind the stumps when poor throws or terrible deliveries cause him injuries. This is because he is lead vocal and guitarist (when not nursing those broken fingers) in his band, High Sierra.

Dan Semple

Semps, Sleepy

Dan is a gifted, technical batsman with a very relaxed persona at the crease. Downend is in his blood, as his Grandad is a former 1st team captain, so if he continues to score runs, maybe one day we’ll also see him leading the 1st team.

His relaxed persona often tricks people into thinking he is in fact asleep while standing. He has actually been found asleep in the changing rooms on the day of a game after a big night out.

Brandon Gilmour

Gilly, Happy, Waterboy, Robert

Brandon is an attacking opening batsman and occasional bowler. Born in Zimbabwe he moved to England and represented Berkshire at youth levels, as well as Gloucestershire County Cricket Club. Brandon also spent a winter at the Darren Lehman Cricket Academy in Adelaide, Australia.

Spending time playing in Australia was good for Brandon, at least that was until he was deported. No Brandon, a visa card is not the same as a travelling visa!

Nathan Roberts

Dusty, Robbo

Nathan is a recent edition to Downend. He is classy batsman with the ability to play all around the ground, a handy off spinner and possibly the best fielder we’ve ever seen drop multiple catches.

Dusty has been a very popular addition to the squad which has nothing to do with the fact that he has a very nice, strategically placed, flat overlooking Gloucestershire County Cricket Club’s ground… honestly!

Matt Crawford

Crawfs, Red

Matt is a strong middle order batsman with the safest pair of hands in the club. He definitely has a favourite shot, so much so that a sweeping brush would be more appropriate for him to bat with! Matt is so dedicated to Downend that he even ensured that he would not be getting married during the cricket season.

A die hard Bristol City fan, Matt spends most of the winter going through periods of losing his voice whilst having his emotions go up and down like a yoyo.

Michael Ponter

Ponts, Oz, Billy

Ponts has been a big part of the club since his arrival in 2000 and has broken both batting and wicket keeping records along the way. He’s a very classy, technically astute batsman, rapid bowler (in his younger days) and top quality keeper.

As a typical ‘Ozzy’ he is very competitive and has been known to get on the wrong side of umpires, referees, touch judges… we don’t talk about the bans! A top cricketer, but he has been known to mistake a snooker ball for an orange!

Joe Tolman

Towel, Wing, Teach

Joe is an experienced off spin bowler and attacking batsman. He has the ability to be very economical and really put the squeeze onto the opposition with the occasional ball actually spinning. With the bat in his hand Joe likes to give the ball a good whack, but doesn’t believe in running singles.

Tolman is a PE teacher (poor kids) but enjoys playing rugby during the winter, so at least he has cricket and rugby covered for the curriculum, as for football?